An enduring favourite, horizontal sliding windows are ideal for maximising natural ventilation and are easy to operate.

They are perfect for installation on decks and walkways, where protrusions could compromise safety.

Design Features

Heavy Duty Framing

The profiled outer frame features mitred corner joints for maximum strength.

Excellent Weather Sealing

Frame sections incorporate excellent weather seals for superior draught, dust and noise penetration control.

Smooth Movement Controls

The high integral sash track and large rollers provide smooth and easy sliding action over the life of the window.

Glazing Specification

Windows can be single or double glazed. There are many glass types and combinations to consider including laminated, tinted, low-e and patterned glazings.

Personalised To Suit

Our custom crafted windows are manufactured to suit your home and taste. Your Valley Windows representative can advise you on size, shape, style, glazing and colour options.

View Product Specifications Aluminium Horizontal Sliding Windows (PDF)