Valley Windows briquettes are produced from Western Red Cedar and Victorian Ash shavings, a by-product of the window manufacturing process.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clean handling and storage
  • Economical 12kg bags
  • Easy to light
  • Low ash residue
  • Low cost
  • No ticks or spiders
  • Made from waste products
  • 75mm diameter x 125mm
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

These unique Biomass Briquettes are produced on site from our Western Red Cedar and Victorian Ash shavings and dust using our European hydraulic briquette maker.

These briquettes have been used in many parts of Europe for many years, where winter conditions are extreme. The briquettes are well suited to solid fuel heaters, open fires and barbeques.

Price: $6 a bag or 10 bags for $50.