Double Glazing! The fast way to cut 40% off your heating and cooling costs!

If you're looking for a reliable source of energy savings you need to investigate the Valley Windows range of Australian-made double glazed aluminium and timber windows. All our windows conform to Australian Standards using quailty-certified glazing. According to Arup Facade Engineering, a high-performance window can keep you up to 5 degrees warmer in winter and a whopping 10 degrees cooler in Summer. This equates to real comfort and significant savings on your energy costs to heat and cool. Insist on Valley Windows customised performance window solutions, because you should never compromise on style, safety or comfort. A Valley Window may be the last window you will ever need.

Make mine a double!

Windows are more than just a transparent, see-through device; nowadays they are designed to keep heat out, keep warmth in and act as a noise barrier. Valley Windows is offering a range of aluminium and timber double glazed windows that allow customers to specify a quality window that easily meets the stringent specifications under the current building regulations. The windows produced by Valley Windows are acclaimed as some of the most advanced double glazed timber windows in Australia today. Their craftsmen-built energy-rated windows optimise what good quality is all about. To find out more about Viridian glass, click here.