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Valley Windows Louvre systems in both timber and aluminium are manufactured using the Breezway Altair system. Breezway are at the forefront of louvre window technology and design. Rather than try and create our own system Valley Windows use components from the trusted world leader in Louvre Windows. Our systems can be both manually and electronically operated.


Altair® Powerlouvre® Windows

For Remote Control and Automated systems, the Altair® Powerlouvre® Window has been designed to electronically manage cross ventilation and natural airflow. Energy efficient Altair Powerlouvre Windows by Breezway are a sleek, elegant solution to window automation. Available in heights up to 2.7 metres, the automated award winning Altair Powerlouvre Window can be incorporated into a range of design applications such as high out-of-reach locations or as floor-to-ceiling feature windows. When fully open, the Powerlouvre allows up to 90% natural ventilation through the entire window opening which helps keep the building at a comfortable temperature at any time of day without the need for artificial cooling systems.


Making window automation easy! The low voltage Altair Powerlouvre Window has been designed to electronically manage cross ventilation and natural airflow into the home. Displaying superior aesthetics with no visual indication of any motors or automated device, the Powerlouvre Window is a popular and convenient window option for contemporary residential or commercial building designs.

To find out more about the Breezway system, access the Breezway website here.

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