logo-centor copyValley Windows is Moved by Centor

At Valley Windows, we pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s market leaders in the manufacture and sale of high-performance, energy efficient windows and doors. Our windows and doors are guaranteed to be a beautiful investment in your home and to ensure they continue to work for years to come, we insist on only using Centor’s innovative systems. Centor is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of systems for doors and windows and for this reason, choosing Centor was an easy decision to make.

Folding Bifold Doors

Doors which work year after year
Thorough structural, cycle and corrosion testing, top-class materials and a 10-year warranty ensure your doors Moved by Centor continue to perform for many years to come.

A delight to open and close 
Doors Moved by Centor open and close with just the touch of a fingertip thanks to precision engineering and a patented adjustment system on all Centor hardware.

A home designed your way
There is a Centor folding system for every application, including internal and external, new buildings or small renovations to suit both contemporary and classical designs.

Keep the weather out
Whether it is windy, rainy, hot or cold outside, your home will stay protected from the elements with Centor’s patented weather sealing technology for folding doors.

Peace of mind
Your home remains safe with the sturdy construction of Centor folding doors. Centor hardware is the most secure on the market, as it cannot be removed or tampered with from the outside.

To see Valley Bifold doors Moved by Centor innovative hardware, visit our Bi-fold page.

Sliding Stacker Doors

Performance for years to come
Like Centor folding doors, Centor sliding systems are subjected to thorough corrosion, cycle and structural testing to ensure your hardware lasts well beyond its 10-year warranty.

Open and close with ease
Doors as heavy as 400kg open and close with just a fingertip thanks to precision engineering and top-class materials of Centor sliding hardware.

A door for any design
Centor offers a complete range of sliding door systems to suit any home, from weather sealed external doors, lightweight internal systems or cavity sliders perfect for en suits.

To see Valley sliding doors Moved by Centor hardware, visit our stacker page.


So discreet you’ll forget they’re there 
Your home remains protected from insects with Centor’s S1E Eco-Screen. The screen completely retracts into the doorjamb so it’s there when you need it, and not when you don’t.

Two functions in one system
Team your insect screen with blind material in a single unit for privacy, UV protection and thermal insulation. Centor screens also come integrated into the frame of folding door systems.

Effortless operation for all 
Centor screens are a breeze to use, even for small children and seniors. Open and close the retractable insect mesh with the same fingertip operation known to all Centor products.

A screen for real-life use
Thorough cycle and weather testing has proven Centor screens are up to the pressures of daily use. Backed by a five-year warranty, the S1E screen is a worthwhile investment in your home.

Designed for large openings
Now screening large openings is finally possible with Centor’s S1E screens. Designed to protect large bifold scale openings, Centor screens can be made up to 3.2m high x 7.6m wide.

To visit the Centor website, click here.