Care and Maintenance Instructions

We provide the following instructions to assist you to correctly care for your products when receiving the products and during construction.

  • Make provision for a dry and safe area for the products to be stored until they are installed.
  • Ensure products are installed as per relevant Australian standards or recognised building practice. Most products have the installation instructions attached. If unsure please contact your Valley Windows Sales Executive prior to installation.
  • Protect your window frames and glass with plastic to avoid mortar, concrete, render and any other foreign objects that can damage your product during construction.
  • Timber products should be sealed with 2 coats of varnish or paint to all faces and edges within 30 days of receiving delivery of the products.
  • Contact a reputable paint supplier to get advice on the most suitable type of paint/stain product to use on your timber product.
  • For aluminium product ensure a primer or sealer is applied to any timber reveals to preserve the timber during construction.
  • Remove spare keys from products and store in a safe place immediately when you receive your products. This will assist you in cases where the key is misplaced or stolen from site.

The following instructions are designed to assist you with ongoing maintenance of your Valley Windows products ensuring high performance and longevity.


  • All frames and doors (timber or aluminium) should be washed regularly, at least 6 monthly, to remove dirt and grime deposits that can build up on the product/s. Use a wet sponge with a mild detergent to clean away the unwanted deposits. Rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water to ensure there is no residual detergent left. In coastal areas or high pollution areas, your product/s should be washed more frequently to ensure non build up of salt, dust or other unwanted deposits.
  • Caution – the use of harsh solvents may damage the powder coating’s appearance and performance on aluminium products and paint or stain on timber products.

Tracks and drainage

  • Ensure tracks are kept free from dirt and grit to avoid premature wear of wheels and smooth performance. Drain holes should also be kept clear of dirt and grit to allow maximum drainage.


Keep locks, hinges and wheels clean and lubricated with silicone spray to ensure optimum performance. It is recommended that lubrication of hardware should be performed regularly in coastal areas.


Recommended cleaning products

  • Clear Windex glass and surface (not blue) is recommended to clean glass.
  • A mixture of 1 part vinegar and 10 parts water is recommended to clean glass.


  • Flood the glass surface with one of the cleaning products mentioned above.
  • Scrub the wetted area with a clean, lint free towel or cloth.
  • Wipe dry with a clean, lint free towel or cloth.
  • Caution – the use of other chemical based cleaners may damage the surface of some glass types, powder coated frames and timber frames.