• Solid timber sections – no finger joins or vaneers
  • Sliding door handle features a double sided key locking and anti lift pins
  • Heavy duty operable door interlocker
  • Heavy duty rollers for double glazed doors
  • Available in 3 and 4 panel configurations
  • Superior weather seals fitted to internal door rebate
  • Frame assembled with zinc coated screws using the latest European technology.


  • Heavier sections provides increased structural strength, stability and aesthetic beauty
  • Corrosion resistant and water tight joints resulting in a longer lasting window
  • Quality surface finish allows your painter to achieve an excellent painted/stained product outcome
  • Optional 22mm double glazed unit available which allows for a larger air gap and greater insulation
  • Allows for large openings which are perfect for entertaining areas
  • Doors remain in tracking system, removing the need to have an area for them to sit when open.
  • Heavy duty rollers on double glazed doors makes operation easier and smoother
  • Heavy duty door interlocker provides strength and tight seal
  • Superior weather seals prevent air and water infiltration