• Enjoy large unobstructed views
  • 2700 mm high x 4800 mm wide in a 2 panel sliding door for N3 rating
  • Smooth effortless operation. Only 26 newtons of force required to move sliding Panel tested. This represents only 14.4% of the 180 Newtons of force allowed
  • Incorporates the very latest in European heavy duty carriage system and hardware
  • Multi point locking for added security
  • Sliding and fixed door have consistent glass sizes for a strikingly balanced visual look
  • Sliding door drops down on to sill in the locked position providing superior water, draught, dust and noise control

Section Sizes:

  • Head & Jambs 164 x 45 WRC
  • Sill 164 x 45 Merbau

Sliding/Fixed Panels

  • Styles & top rail 92 x 68 WRC
  • Bottom rail 140 x 68 WRC

IGU Insulated Glass Units Specifications

  • The maximum overall thickness of the double glazed unit (Glass / Air space / Glass) cannot exceed 26mm
  • The maximum air space available is 14mm

View Product Specifications Timber Stellar Lift & Slide Doors (PDF)