Victorian Ash (Hardwood)

Sustainability and the Environment

Valley Windows Victorian Ash Hardwood is sourced from Australian Sustainable Hardwoods, who are based locally in Heyfield. Its Victorian Ash is harvested from the temperate forests of Central Victoria.

Australian Sustainable Hardwood’s management and employees are firmly committed to the sustainable use of Victoria’s native forests for multiple purposes. Victoria’s native forests are managed under strict codes of forest practices and guidelines set down by the State Government of Victoria.

Colour and Stability

Victorian Ash is a beautiful and naturally renewable resource. Its use for timber products and value added process is energy efficient and greenhouse positive.

The naturally light colour of Victorian Ash responds beautifully to stains and lacquers allowing versatility in colour and design. It also blends attractively with other timbers and furnishings.

Unlike other hardwoods, Victorian Ash is quarter sawn, thereby minimising the effect of fluctuations in atmospheric conditions. This method of sawing enhances its natural stability ensuring trouble free Performance in a wide range of applications including windows and doors.

For more information, head to the Australian Sustainable Hardwoods website.