Western Red Cedar

Outstanding Durability, Stability and Energy Efficiency

Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that act as preservatives to help the wood resist borers, termites and decay. A dimensionally stable timber, expansion, shrinkage and warping are absolutely minimal.

Western Red Cedar has a higher insulation value than most other timber species and significantly higher insulation value than brick, concrete and metal. For this reason Western Red Cedar is a preferred choice when considering Double Glazing and Energy Efficient Windows and Doors.

Sustainability and the Environment

From Northern British Columbia to California, a rugged spine of mountains stretches for almost 1500 miles parallel to the Pacific Coast of North America. Along the slopes and in the valleys of these mountains, the rich soil nourishes mixed softwood forests. Western Red Cedar also grows in the drier forests of British Columbia, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Western Red Cedar is generally found in association with other species such as Douglas Fir, Pacific Coast Hemlock, Balsam Fir and Sitka Spruce. Our Western Red Cedar is sourced from Managed Forests in which natural regeneration and reforestation programs ensure a perpetual and controlled harvest. Forestry practices are guided by the internationally recognised sustainable forest management system elements of ISO14001as part of the CSA2809 Canadian National Standard. These high standards of sustainable forestry are audited by Third Party Inspection Agencies to ensure compliance with the Certification Standards.


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