2019 Trends in Architecture – Part 2

VW – 2019 Trends in Architecture Part 2Welcome back to the Valley Windows blog! We’re thrilled to have you, regardless of whether you’re stopping by for the first time or you’re a regular. (If that’s the case, we tip our hats off even more so!) Valley Windows is all about providing a better view for our customers, and in doing so, it’s imperative that we learn all about our industry. We showcase our favourite finds, as well as our most sage advice right here. It’s our guilty pleasure – and it’s amazing to see how passionate our teammates on the Valley Windows team are. It’s reinvigorating, especially as 2018 winds down and we need to get everything in order for the next calendar year. Yes, that means closing the books and it means holiday parties and probably far too much food and drink (more on that later), but it also means preparing.

We’re preparing for the best year ever, and we’re doing our homework. That’s something that you can always expect from the team at Valley Windows. In our last post, we touched on a few of the trends in architecture that are looming large, beginning in January. (Some are even already running rampant). Let’s continue the fun.

We talked through being eco-friendly when renovating in our last post as well as the growing popularity of open-space designs for homes. Another big one coming down the pipeline is thinking small. You’ve seen tiny houses and heard about the need to be as creative and innovative as possible, in order to make them a success. You’re only going to continue to hear about it more. In fact, a lot of these trends have overlap. Eco-friendly and small living are a great example. If you’re trying to fit your entire life in 100 square metres, you’re going to need to make sacrifices. On the plus side, many who choose small living are able to travel at their leisure, so necessities like power and water can be flexible depending on where you are.

Another big conversation is around how you’re paying for your homes. Here is where the Valley Windows team can only offer friendly advice. Do your homework. Do your homework. Do your homework. There are so many different options and ways to finance your home, but it’s a matter of timing. Keep an eye on the improvements and challenges in the housing market, both in your area and nationally. Take stock in how much value your home could appreciate in years to come, or if it might not be a sound investment after all. Meet with experts, and whenever in doubt, reach out to the Valley Windows team. Our goal and our passion will forever remain making sure that you feel safe, comfortable and confident, navigating any project related to your dream home.

Questions? Comments? Let the Valley Windows team know. We’d love to hear from you and talk about the best ways that we can give you and yours a better view.