Embracing Timber: The Valley Windows Difference

Welcome to Valley Windows, the destination for unparalleled window solutions in Gippsland, Victoria, since 1983.

In a world where sustainability is key, our dedication to providing eco-conscious products sets us apart.

One of the flagship choices for our window products is timber – a material that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your home and provides thermal benefits but also stands as a testament to our long history of sourcing materials locally.


Timber takes centre stage as a renewable resource, making it the go-to option for environmentally friendly window construction. Our local timber suppliers source materials from sustainably managed forests, which, when turned into our windows, contribute to carbon sequestration for our environment.

Low Energy

Choosing timber windows is a vote for low energy. The manufacturing process for timber windows requires significantly less energy compared to other alternative materials, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

Thermally Efficient

The natural insulation properties of timber provide unmatched thermal efficiency for your home. Timber windows regulate temperatures effectively, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. By choosing timber, you not only enhance the comfort of your home but also contribute to energy savings and a reduced environmental impact.

Energy Efficient

Timber’s characteristics make it the perfect choice for energy-efficient windows. Its natural insulating qualities minimize the need for constant temperature adjustments, promoting an eco-friendly home.


Your home is a showcase for your unique style, and timber windows offer a range of customization options. Customize your windows to match your design and aesthetic preferences. Whether you lean towards a classic look, a modern design, or something entirely unique, our timber windows can be crafted to bring your vision to life.

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