Window Cleaning

Cleaning Glass and Hardware

This information is offered as general guidance only.


Regular maintenanceRegular maintenance is required for all hardware, even stainless steel, as they are moving parts. In and around Melbourne and most rural environments, maintenance is recommended every six (6) months and every three (3) months in bayside, coastal, and commercial environments.



cleaning clothsTo clean the glass, simply wipe over the surface with a few drops of methylated spirits on a damp cloth and then polish the surface dry with a lint-free cloth. Ensure that all cleaning cloths are free of any abrasive substances.



Proprietary glass cleanersProprietary glass cleaners are not recommended as some can cause damage to the silver backing on mirrors and the interlayer in laminated glass. Avoid causing extreme temperature changes as this may lead to thermal fracture of the glass (i.e., Do not direct hot or cold water onto the glass).



hoseIf using a hose or similar apparatus to clean windows or doors, ensure the hose nozzle jet fitting is set to a fine spray and at no time should a window or door be hit with the full force of a hose jet nozzle setting. For glass cleaning, refer to glass manufacturers’ websites, such as Viridian.



Click on the link to download the VW Window Cleaning Tips.