Timber Double Hung Window

  • Counter balance systems reduces rattle.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Circular ventilation – both sashes opening.
Timber Double Hung sizes

For custom sizes, please consult your Valley Windows representative.

Features and Specifications:

  • Mortice & Tenon joints to head, jamb & stiles – glued and fitted with zinc coated screws using the latest European technology.
  • 170mm x 45mm or optional 170mm x 65mm sills.
  • 140mm x 38mm jambs, mullions and transoms.
  • Solid timber sections – no finger joins or veneers.
  • Keyed sash locks.
  • Superior weather seals around sash rebates and mid rail.
  • Aluminium or optional timber insect screens to the external of the double hung windows.
  • Bull nose, federation or lambs tongue sash horns to internal or external.
  • Heavier timber sections provides increased structural strength, stability and aesthetic beauty.
  • Sash compression seals prevent air and water infiltration.