Fixed Timber Window

  • Butt joint windows with or without transoms.
  • Solid timber sections – no finger joins or veneers.
  • Heavier sections provides increased structural strength, stability and aesthetic beauty, which can also handle larger spans of glass.
Timber Fixed Window sizes

For custom sizes, please consult your Valley Windows representative.

Features and Specifications:

  • Mortice & Tenon joints to head, jamb & stiles – glued and fitted with zinc coated screws using the latest European technology.
  • 170mm x 45mm sills.
  • 140mm x 38mm jambs, mullions and transoms.
  • Fixed sashes to have 60mm x 38mm or optional 85mm x 38mm bottom rail with 60mm x 38mm top rail and sides.
  • Colonial bars with individual glass lites – not stuck on bars.
  • Reduced section depths available for internal fixed windows.
  • Corrosion resistant and water tight joints.
  • Quality surface finish allows your painter to achieve an excellent painted/stained product outcome.
  • Fitted Fixed sashes can provide uniform look to match opening windows.