2020’s Season of Gratitude

2020 Season of GratitudeThere are a few different things you associate with different months and seasons. Some are personal, some are driven by Hallmark and other retailers and some just come naturally. The end of the year and holiday seasons seem to fit into all three with themes that the Valley Windows team aims to touch on every year. One such is gratitude, and while we feel it each and every day working with a team like ours, it’s amplified come November. Looking at the calendar, you know that you only have a finite number of days before needing a new calendar and it can bring on a whole host of emotions. We talk about gratitude as an annual practice, but it’s important to differentiate exactly what’s made it so special for us, why we keep bringing you a better view through our premium windows and doors. Read on for our highlights from 2020:

  • We were able to be more creative. We hope to be able to say that every year. We were able to look at different styles of homes which are becoming more and more popular like Cape Cod, Craftsman and Mediterranean-inspired. With each, there are window styles that seem like second nature, but where’s the fun in that. You can easily install timber bi-fold windows on a Cape Cod to balance its traditional nature with a modern feel. We’ve loved educating our customers on these tweaks they can make and we’ve loved the smiles on their faces when they see the finished product even more.
  • We were able to discern what sort of products speak to each sort of current or prospective customer. While all of the Valley Windows products are low maintenance, our windows are as unique as our customers. Having the conversations where we learn more about you are just plain enjoyable and they’ve helped us become the experts in recommending the products that make the most sense for your personality.
  • We were able to appreciate each other. This one deserves an entire blog post, and will probably receive one at some point, but we can’t overstate it enough – if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. Don’t worry, we promise that we accomplish a lot of work each and every day, but we always do so with a smile on our faces. There’s most definitely something to be said for enjoying what you do, and you know what? Our customers reap the benefits of it. Our smiles are contagious and if we’re going to be invading your spaces and spending time with you and your household, it should be an enjoyable experience for all. How do we accomplish this noble feat? We listen to each other, we value each other’s opinions, we learn from each other’s successes and opportunities and celebrate however we can in this current environment. This, to us, is what we’re most grateful for of all.

Get ready for the holiday season. There’s much more to come on the Valley Windows blog.