4 Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Windows

4 Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your WindowsHalloween is one of the most fun, playful, and creative holidays celebrated around the globe. People get excited about spooky decorations, funny-shaped snacks and sweets, and the playfulness of wearing a costume or going trick-or-treating with the kids.

Follow the tips below to go all out this Halloween and make your home look like a magazine cover for Halloween decor. You don’t have to invest a fortune to achieve an eye-catching result that all the kids in your neighbourhood will love.

1. Halloween-Themed Window Clings or Stickers

Window clings are one of the best ways to add attractive decorations to your windows. They will be visible from inside and outside and easy to remove once Halloween is over, and you’re cleaning up.

Window clings don’t need adhesive, as they will stick to the glass thanks to their flexible, smooth material. To install a cling on your window, you must clean the glass panel first. Apply the cling to a clean window, using a squeegee to push all the air bubbles out.

2. Animated Figures in Windows

To make your home look haunted, add a special touch with animated figures that appear as silhouettes in your windows. The light coming from the inside will provide a background for these spooky characters, allowing them to look larger than life from the outside.

3. Adding Specialty Window Lighting

Lighting can make or break the look of a scene. For Halloween, you can choose different effects, from warm and cosy light to spooky purple light that makes your house look foggy and grim. Buy some Halloween lights that flicker, or even black or strobe lights, for an intense effect.

A Word of Caution with Strobe Lighting

If you decide to go with strobe lighting, be aware that it may not be suitable for everyone. Flashing lights can trigger cause discomfort to young children and people with epilepsy, so install them with caution.

It’s best to install the strobe light higher above the heads of your visitors and direct them towards a wall to diffuse them. It can also be good to make sure that they don’t have more than four flashes per second.

4. Classic Cobwebs

What is Halloween without some spooky cobwebs hanging around? Adding realistic-looking plastic spiders to them will enhance the effect and frighten your visitors. Use non-corrosive adhesives to attach cobwebs to your windows, and avoid applying regular adhesive on the glass or framing. For maximum effect, leave your cobwebs hanging loosely so that they move when a breeze touches them.

Take a chance to check the state of your windows when you decorate for Halloween. If you notice any malfunctions or signs of damage, you should consider replacing or upgrading them to maintain the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

If you’re unsure about the state of repair on your windows, our team of experts at Valley Windows would be happy to chat with you and recommend the best course of action for your windows. We are a premier provider of window design, manufacturing and installation services for custom windows in Melbourne and the surrounding area. Contact us today for more information.