Accent Walls

Accent WallsWhen you design and install walls as frequently as the Valley Windows team does – with the ongoing and continued goal of giving our customers a better view – there’s no question that we won’t want to share a focus on the walls surrounding the windows and doors that we work with you to choose for your business or for your home. When you choose the right windows or doors, you are already upping the creative value of whatever wall they’re adding to, so we want to make sure that you’re doing it right. In fact, often – when you or we add really prolific windows or doors to your property, it immediately then joins your eyes to where they’re going to live, giving you a two-for-one deal and frequently then encouraging you to ask us all sorts of questions as you continue to turn your current house into your dream home. Accent walls certainly fall into this category, and given our extensive experience, we think that this post on the Valley Windows blog will help answer any questions about accent walls. Read on for more information:

As is the case with any very important elements of your home, first up is – what is an accent wall? The fun thing with accent walls specifically is that the definition can be incredibly subjective. Size doesn’t necessarily matter, colour doesn’t necessarily matter. These are factors that you want to think through, but the ultimate objective is to leverage wall space in strategic locations that encourage visitors to love your home more and more and to leverage wall space that you look forward to updating. As with any project throughout your home, you want to smile every time you walk by and remember exactly why you invested the dollars and the hours to make things like accent walls a smart decision for your emotional capacity and your wallet.

Okay, now we have some questions and decisions that you should keep on top of mind:

1. Choose the right location. As this article shares:

“When choosing a location, think about how the room will flow, the purpose of the accent, and the architecture of your space. In a bedroom, you might want to draw attention to your headboard and anchor that wall to tie in the bed, nightstands, and rug. In the living room, the flow of the space will center around the fireplace. These are good candidates for accent wall locations. The location of the accent wall should be the focal point of the room.”

2. Colour and material is going to be the next big decision and we love this article for advice in this space. Here’s one fun tip from it:

“Play off the wall color with other accessories in your space, such as throw pillows, blankets, artwork, and even throw rugs. This is an easy way to invite harmony into the room, so the accent wall doesn’t look too out of place.”

3. And, as always, The Spruce, has thoughts about the best ways to maximize on accent walls. We love this quote:

“Your home is unique, so your accent wall should be just as special.”

Questions? The Valley Windows team is always here for you.