Achieving Security and Style with Shuttered Windows

Achieving Security and Style with Shuttered WindowsFeeling safe at home is essential for your comfort and a sense of stability. There are many ways to supervise your home and make it harder to break in, like security camera systems, alarms, and special locks.

Besides advanced technology that can increase your privacy and security, simple solutions like reinforced doors and windows are highly effective against intruders. Shutters are a perfect example of how simple solutions can solve multiple problems.

How Shutters Can Benefit Your Home

For centuries, shutters have decorated and protected our homes from the elements, pests, and intruders. We still use shutters for the same benefits they used to bring us throughout history. Some of the benefits that installing shutters can bring include:

1. Increased privacy and security

Shutters keep prying eyes away from your belongings and home life. If an intruder would try to break into your house, shutters can make their task much harder.

2. Noise reduction

Sometimes, living in the city comes with noise pollution, which is known to increase stress levels. Shutters can act as a barrier between the outside and your comfortable home haven.

3. Keeping pests outside

Living close to nature is amazing, but it can mean having pests come inside an unprotected house. You can limit their entry points by having shuttered windows.

4. Regulating the temperature inside

Saving energy is crucial for most homeowners today. Shutters keep a home’s interior shaded during hot days and help to store heat inside on colder days.

Best Types of Window Shutters

Window shutters come in many styles, materials, and shapes. There is a shutter type for all tastes and budgets. Here are the most popular shutter types you can find in residential buildings:

  • Louvered window shutters: the most popular style of shutters is the louvered one. You can spot it in stylish period homes but also modern homes with aluminium windows.
  • Plantation shutters: These slated shutters let in plenty of light while filtering it to create a cosy atmosphere inside.
  • Scandinavian window shutters: These solid shutters cover the whole window, offering great protection against the weather.
  • Half-window shutters (cafe style): If you want to cover the bottom half of your windows but still let light in through the top, choose this chic cafe style.
  • Board and batten shutters: popular with farm-inspired homes, these rustic shutters will decorate and protect your home at the same time. They work best with timber windows.

What Are Louvered Shutters?

Louvered shutters feature slates that filter the light, keep pests and intruders out, and lower the indoor temperature on hot days. They look fabulous on period homes and more traditional designs and should match the rest of the home elements.

Choosing the Right Window Shutter

Choosing the right shutters for your home should involve weighing in factors like style, climate, and functionality. It is important for you to discuss possible options with professionals to ensure that you make an educated decision.

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