How to Add Industrial Interior Design Elements with Your Windows

How to Add Industrial Interior Design Elements with Your WindowsYour house can tell a lot about you, from the type of building you choose to the details of its decor. Every homeowner leaves an imprint of their tastes and lifestyle in how they organise and decorate their living space.

One popular interior design style that has gained traction in recent years is the industrial style. Such a style can easily last for many decades and have a great visual impact when done right.

Industrial Design Elements

The industrial design trend started in the 20th century when old factories were put out of commission and repurposed into living spaces. Examples of this design are readily found in cities like New York. Here, famous artists such as Andy Warhol helped transform former industrial buildings into art displays by combining their raw elements with eclectic, colourful pieces.

You can incorporate industrial design elements in many ways, but there are common features that define the style. Incorporating raw materials and utility structures into the decor is the main principle. In an industrial style home, details like exposed bricks, large windows, steel beams, framing poles, and duct piping are commonly displayed along furniture and decorations.

What is Industrial Chic?

Another name for the industrial style of interior design is industrial chic. The term has become extremely popular as it perfectly describes the contrast between austere, raw materials and cosy ones.

How Can Windows Play a Role in Industrial Design

One of the defining features of industrial design is the use of large windows. Simple shapes are better than ornate designs, and you won’t see many arched or bay windows in such a space. Rectangular windows with metal framing are best for industrial design, with black or naked metal frames completing the look.

Large windows can also help by letting light into your home, preventing it from being overwhelmed by the darker hues of industrial design. Natural light also makes the rich textures of industrial-chic pop out, casting shadows and illuminating focal points.

Types of Windows Used in Industrial Design

Here are some of the window types you commonly see in industrial design:

  • Bare, minimalistic windows: large windows are necessary to let sunlight contrast with the darker, more austere industrial-themed design. Opt for windows without treatments and choose metal framing over vinyl or timber windows.
  • Rectangular windows: Simplicity is crucial in industrial design, and clean lines are the best. Large, rectangular windows are perfect for this design.
  • Multi-paned windows: Windows with multiple framed panels are an eye-catching option. Black frames perfectly complement this look.

Industrial Design with Valley Windows

If you want to incorporate industrial styles into your home design, ensure that the core elements follow its principles. Windows that are simplistic and functional will define a space more than other elements.

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