The Added Value that Window Screens Can Bring

The Added Value that Window Screens Can BringOn home maintenance blogs and websites, window cleaning is a topic that comes up quite often. Methods and detergents are frequently discussed, debated, and analysed. However, there is a highly effective yet lesser known way of not only keeping your windows cleaner but protecting your home from pests, the weather, dust, UV light, and more.

Window and door screens add not only an aspect of care and maintenance, but security as well. In this post, we take a closer look at the added value that window screens can bring to your home.

Why Are Window Screens Important?

Effective, well-maintained screens keep your home pest-free and your windows cleaner. They also provide safety to your family and pets. There are numerous benefits to installing window and door screens, here are just a few of the main ones.

Pest Control

Nothing is more annoying and disturbing than mosquitoes or flies inside the house. They can disrupt sleep, drop debris and dirt everywhere, contaminate your food, cause allergies, and more. Other pests that can cause harm and damage to your home and the people living in it include moths, horseflies, spiders, and centipedes.

Having window screens significantly lowers the chances of these bugs getting inside your house.

Air Flow

Because of the fine mesh, screens still allow fresh air to circulate without the rest of the unwanted particles and bugs. Venting your rooms once in a while is crucial for your health, as it freshens the indoor air and keeps it flowing, raising the oxygen levels and making the house much more comfortable to live in.


Window screens are also fantastic for increasing your privacy. When you leave your windows open to circulate the air, it may sometimes feel uncomfortable due to the reduced privacy. For homeowners whose homes are close to the street or their neighbours’ houses, screens add an extra layer of privacy.

What are Security Screens?

Even though any window screen provides more security than having a plain window, security screens are even more effective in protecting your home. They are up to 10-20 times more durable than ordinary screens. This added durability makes them harder to tear apart and may also deter intruders from attempting to break into your home.

Window Screen Maintenance

Window screens protect your windows from dirt and debris, but you must maintain them properly to enjoy their full benefits. Cleaning them at least once a year with warm water and a mild detergent or solutions recommended by the manufacturer is a great way to keep them in good condition.

The perfect time for screen cleaning is the beginning of winter when you should remove them anyway. Removing window screens during winter lets more natural light inside and prevents water damage from accumulated moisture around the frames, especially with timber windows.

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