Adding Character to Your Home with Timber Window Sashes

Adding Character to Your Home with Timber Window SashesWindows are an essential element in the architecture and design of every home, and because of how ubiquitous they are, it can sometimes be hard for homeowners to make their windows stand out. One unique way that you can add character to your home is through the use of timber window sashes, which can add a rustic charm and aesthetic appeal to any window. In this post, we take a closer look at what exactly window sashes are and the different design options and styles you can choose from for your own windows.

What is a Window Sash?

The window sash is the part of a sash window that surrounds the glass panes of the window and holds them together. Depending on the specific type of window sash that you opt to install, you may or may not be able to move them, and this can affect whether you’re able to open your windows for ventilation or other purposes.

The role of the window sash is multi-functional. They provide the general structure of the window and ensure that the window is able to withstand general wear and tear over time as it is opened and closed. Additionally, they also help to create a seal between the window and the frame, preventing water, debris and even cold drafts from entering the home.

Types of Window Sashes

There are two main types of window sashes that you can choose from, including:

Single-Hung Sash

Single-hung sashes are typically used in sash windows that are divided into two halves. The top half is often kept unmovable and locked in place, whereas the bottom half can be opened upwards to create a space for air to enter a room. This enables single-hung sash windows to improve ventilation in a home.

Double-Hung Sash

In contrast, double-hung sashes typically allow both the top and bottom halves of the window to move. This is achieved through a more sophisticated counterbalance system that facilitates the movement of the sashes. With a double-hung sash window, you are thus able to choose whether you want to open the top or bottom half or both at the same time.

Benefits of Timber Sashes

While sash windows can be made using a variety of different materials, including timber, aluminium and vinyl, there are several benefits to using timber. Not only is timber a renewable and hence sustainable resource, but it also has a low carbon footprint compared to many other building materials, making it an eco-friendly option. Furthermore, timber is also a great insulator and can help to reduce your home’s heating or cooling costs and hence your energy bills.

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