Adding an In-Home Green Space with Window Gardens

Adding an In-Home Green Space with Window GardensGrowing plants can be extremely satisfying, whether for decoration or adding fresh greens to your diet. But not everyone has the option to roam through a full-sized garden of their own. Many of us live in apartments or enjoy our cosy homes with not much space to spare for plants to grow.

Nonetheless, gardening is so versatile that it can even be done on a windowsill or a designated corner where light comes through. Window gardening is a fantastic example of using space efficiently and nurturing the joy that comes with little things. Here at Valley Windows, our team has worked on projects for custom windows in Melbourne, helping numerous homeowners bring a corner of nature into their own homes by starting window gardens. In this blog, we examine how you can bring a touch of nature into your home as well with window gardens.

The Different Types of Window Gardens

Our amazing Australian climate gives us plenty of sunshine, which will enable you to choose from hundreds of plant species that could fit indoors to enjoy with your eyes and freshen your air.

Growing plants is also a fantastic way to pass free time, and it can serve as a fun activity for families with children. Here are some examples of types of window gardening ideas that could inspire your next home project:

  • Window sill garden: One of the most convenient ways to start indoor gardening is to give your plants as much access to light as possible. Indoor plants will always revolve around windows, so having a naturally large ledge or sill will house more of your green beauties.
  • Window box planters: A classic solution to comfortable, accessible gardening is to have window planters right under your view. These box planters are anchored with hooks and are easy to water and maintain. Once those herbs or flowers are out, all you have to do is go to the window and enjoy the view.
  • Gardening window: These gorgeous gardening windows are perfect for the homeowner who likes having everything in its place. They work as a greenhouse inside your house, allowing light to come through from all sides while protecting the plants from cold, wind, and the weather. These generously spaced windows help you grow your herb garden in the kitchen or fill the house with the smell of flowers.

Gorgeously Green

After choosing the proper space for your indoor garden, it’s time to select the plants you will be growing there. Gardening websites and forums have an endless amount of information about what would thrive in your type of environment. You can do some research online to find a plant species that suits your needs. If you want to expand the space designated for your hobby, consider investing in specialised windows too.

If you’re looking for custom windows in the Melbourne area, look no further! Here at Valley Windows, we have over three decades’ worth of experience in manufacturing premium grade windows for homes and businesses alike. Contact us today for a free consultation and get your dream window built in no time!