The Advantages of Double-Paned Windows

Timber Bifold WindowThere are a lot of things that you don’t look forward to in life – or at least, things that the Valley Windows team doesn’t look forward to in life. They include things like paying bills that are a bit of a surprise to the wallet, hearing bad news, and not being set up for success. Knowing that the last one is so important to us; we place it pretty high on the priority list for our valued community of customers. In fact, we don’t want any of the above to happen to our prospective or current customers, so we make a valiant effort to communicate early and often, offer a range of solutions to bring you a better view and showcase the value that will be provided by our premium windows and doors to your home.

Choosing a window can be tricky. You’re not sure what to look for – style, material, even thickness. And we’re focusing on thickness today. Some see purchasing thicker windows as an unnecessary purchase, and sometimes that may be the case, but today we’re showcasing the benefits.

There are so many. The most significant of all that all experts tend to agree on is the energy savings that you’ll see. If you have thinner windows, especially if you live in an area that sees weather on the more extreme side, you’re letting out heat and letting in cold air at the same time. That cuts out about half of the year as you’re finding other measures to ensure that the inhabitants of your house are comfortable.

Don’t worry, easily solvable. So even if you make a one-time purchase for more durable windows, you’ll get that money back quickly in energy savings costs. Switch from single-paned windows to the more modern option of double-paned windows. Did you know that your windows can actually contribute to up to half of your heating and cooling bills? Those monthly energy bills will be shockingly reduced so that you can invest that money in either other areas of your home or other areas of your life. You’re also going to be contributing heavily to the environmental movement and limiting your carbon footprint, an ongoing effort that we should all be involved with.

Another benefit that people often forget about is the sound-proofing qualities that double-paned windows bring to the table. This may be a huge benefit for all of your home or just a few specific rooms. There are no rules about whether you need single or double-paned windows in every room.

How do double-paned or dual windows work? It’s a lot simpler than you may think. Instead of one pane of glass, they have two in the window frame. In between, engineers design a very small space that serves as optimal for insulation – come summer, spring, winter or autumn. It’s not just air that you’ll find in that small space in-between. Instead, it’s insulating gas, which maximizes the benefits that you’ll see and feel for all household members.

Questions? Let the Valley Windows team know. We’d love to help you out.