Aluminium vs Timber – The Ultimate Battle

Timber Sliding WindowsWe know that we promised that the holiday time period would be as festive as possible. We shared how grateful that we are for your continued patronage in 2018, despite the number of options that you have in the area for your windows and doors to ensure that you have a better view. We weren’t lying, we’ll continue to share posts during the 2018 holiday season that showcase how thankful we are for the last 365, but today we’re taking a little bit of a break from that. We’re taking a break because it’s important for us to also share what we’re most passionate about – the materials and the products that we’re lucky to bring to you…our valued base of customers.

You may have seen that two of our most popular areas of our site are based on our most prolific materials. They’re aluminium and timber and our best-selling products are generally designed with them. While we hope that our site is intuitive, that doesn’t mean that we don’t see customers who need (and deserve) an explanation between aluminium and timber and what makes the most sense for your home or business. Read on for more information and for our recommendations, based on a few different factors:

First up, let’s talk about timber windows and doors. They’re an age-old material and for good reason. Timber is well-priced, found locally in Victoria at the best possible quality and rate and is here to stay for the long haul. It’s durable and flexible, so it can work, no matter what kind of architectural style you’re looking at for your home or business. We don’t care how old your home is, we don’t care how long you plan on living in it – timber windows and doors are a great way to add curb appeal and feel safe and comfortable at home.

Aluminium has just as much going for it. It’s a newer resource and one that will only continue to evolve and become a better and better solution for you and your loved ones. The great thing about this industry is that we’re all aligned and in favour of the best ways to bring you the newest and the best. That has certainly been the case with aluminium windows and doors for a few reasons. Experts and consumers alike believe that it’s a sustainable solution and again – works well with all sorts of types of land, houses and customers. The one thing that aluminium has going for it is the aforementioned sustainability aspect. It came into play as an important material because it’s easy to take care of, lasts forever and has a myriad of benefits that you can find out about when you reach out to the Valley Windows team.

The best way to find out all about these benefits? It’s the same way that you can get all of your questions about creating a better view through better windows and doors, answered. You can call, you can email, come see us in person. The Valley Windows team is excited to hear from you.