Why Aluminium Windows May Make the Most Sense for You

aluminium windows, aluminium awning windowAluminium may not be the first material that comes to mind when you think about windows and their frames. It probably conjures thoughts and images of packing and storing materials for your leftover food, if not at least the more industrial materials that are leveraged in factories and other facilities. Well there are fewer things we love more than dispelling rumours about the various materials that we’ve come to learn are vital to both the aesthetic beauty of your home, and the durability of the structure – not to mention how you’re optimizing the way that you’re spending your hard-earned dollars. It’s just a piece of the puzzle that makes up the Valley Windows blog and our broader strategy.

Priority number one? Let’s give you a better view! How? Through our premium windows and doors. Priority number two? Set up a blog that can share with you all of the right information to not only help you make the best decisions for you. Check, check, check. But these are all stories for another time. Today, we’re focusing on aluminium windows. Consider the aforementioned myth dispelled. Aluminium is taking over as one of the best materials that you can use for home construction elements like your window frames. Here are the reasons why:


We’re all about reducing carbon footprints whenever we can, and we love when it’s easy. It is with aluminium window frames. In fact, if you look at some of our double-glazed windows, you can save more than three times in the energy and cost savings than you would with other materials. And that is just the initial benefit. Over a lifetime, you can see major savings in energy more than 100-fold. Tying into the above, aluminium window frames fly far beyond regular efficiency standards. They see wins over expensive timber and uPVC comparable products by more than 60% when looking at heat gain and heat loss.


Aluminium window frames have very special corrosion-resistant qualities. These mean that the frames are much lower maintenance. You’d think that would be a trade-off with their quality and durability, but that’s not the case. In fact, any sort of weather – be it rain, snow, intense heat and those rare perfect days – are perfect partners-in-crime to aluminium windows. It’s also a great off-the-shelf solution, being that it can be left in its as-is condition. If you feel like stepping up your game, you can look into painting or anodizing your frame.

The almighty dollar

Ah yes, the bottom line both literally and figuratively. It’s important to care about how much money you’re spending on your home renovations. Normally you assume that if a solution is more cost effective, you’re seeing a reduction in quality or an assumption that you’ll need to trade in the product immediately. Not the case here – in fact, aluminium window frames really do check all of the boxes.

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