April Home Renovation News

April Home Renovation News

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There are so many exciting things about the start of a new month. It’s a fresh start, a new opportunity to go after your goals for the coming weeks and the time to say goodbye to any mistakes that you made in the past 30 days. For the team at Valley Windows, each and every day is an opportunity to recalibrate what we want to achieve as a business and the best ways to offer our valued community of customers a better view. Sure, it’s easy to do when you can leverage best-in-class materials and you know that your team is made of the best people around. But we like to push ourselves, and we like to teach ourselves. This blog is a perfect example of this – a sounding board for us to be able to showcase our favourite tidbits that we’ve found on the Web, all pertaining towards designing and constructing your dream home. Once a month, we peruse the internet and compile the best, right here in our home news round-up. Read on for more information.

Panelised Construction 101

If you’re looking for the newest way to construct a home, save money and be ahead of the curve, then this article is for you. Forbes digs into “panelised construction,” a pre-fab configuration of building materials that can withstand even the most difficult weather. While skilled labour can be difficult to resource in bitter or wet conditions and wood doesn’t all do well in either rain or excessive heat, panelised construction mitigates these issues. According to Forbes, “an early study performed in 1996 demonstrated the advantages of panelisation. The study was called Framing the American Dream. Two identical houses were built side by side; one was site built and the other was panelised. In the study they found several remarkable statistics, including a 75% reduction in man-hours to frame, 25 percent reduction in the amount of lumber, 75 percent reduction in scrap generated” Check out the link here for more information.

People Really Do Care How Your Yard Looks

If you’ve gone back and forth on whether landscaping really matters, then this article is for you. So many of us write-off the costs associated with grooming your lawn and planting your flowers as unnecessary, when there’s so much science to back up its importance. Right off the bat, you’re just investing back in your own wallet, for when the time comes to sell, the landscaping is the first and the last thing that prospective buyers will notice. Moreover, there are psychological studies that show that when you spend the time and the effort on your outdoor spaces, you’ll be far more inclined to use them yourself, boosting endorphins and handing you the benefits of the great outdoors on a place. Check out this link here for more information.

Floating Cities Could Ease the World’s Housing Crunch

If you’re forever intrigued about the future of construction, then this article is for you. That far off day when floating cities will become a reality only grows closer and closer, and experts say that the idea will play a huge role in helping with the housing crisis globally. Dozens of experts presented this week at the United Nations, and the information was met with positive response. Check out this link for more information.

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