How to Avoid Paint Damage (or any damage) on Your Walls

How to Avoid Paint Damage (or any damage) on Your WallsWhile many of us are working from home, the chances are good that our home offices look slightly different. We’ve written about it before in the past and while we know that there are many benefits associated, and equally – we know how many of you would like to return to in-person work environments, the Valley Windows team loves hearing all sorts of stories which chronicle whether our blog readers have loved working from home or not. It can have so many pros and cons… in both ways… but we’re letting the clean nerds in us and on our team come out to play today, sharing exactly the tips to keep your walls clean and easy to maintain. Read on for more information (part one… we couldn’t help it – there’s too much great information to share!):

(Bottom line, it’s not as difficult as you may think…)

Dusting is up first. In general, it’s the best first step to clean everything up and it doesn’t take much time, nor do you need to do it that frequently. Let’s say weekly – a fun chore that you can do with your household, so that when it’s beautiful and sunny, your eyesight is not drawn to small amounts of dust and cobwebs that you’d like to remove. It’s even simple on the investment of equipment and tools that you may need. Spend the money you need on a microfiber dust cloth like a Swiffer and know that it was worth every penny. Remember that if any area is out in the open, it probably won’t get noticeably dirty – including your walls. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean it.

If you’re working with walls in rooms that see a lot more water and moisture, these need to be washed. Any residue leftover from that delicious dinner last night doesn’t just need to be dusted off, it needs to be washed off. If you are promptly inspired, continue this process through all rooms, it will only do you well. How to clean? The Valley Windows team recommends that you rub all areas gently with a soap and water solution and use a natural sponge to rub gently. Test. If it works, then keep going. Dry with an old towel – no need to get fancy here.

In the spirit of the above, you do want to pick (or formulate) the right concoctions of how to keep your home clean. The walls are no exception. In a COVID-19 era where you may be home more often than regularly, what better time to make your own wall-washing soap? Borax and dishwashing liquid or ammonia, water and dishwashing liquid. Both will get the job done very well.

We started typing this post and realized that there’s far too much information to share in one post. Guess we gave you a reason to come on back…