Avoiding Home Renovation Stress

Avoiding Home Renovation StressHave you ever felt really, really stressed? Like, every single move you make throughout the day sends anxiety coursing through your veins? If you say no, the team at Valley Windows is not prepared to believe you. If you say yes, then we’re pretty sure that you’re in the vast, vast majority of this earth’s population. Stress is annoying, but it’s necessary, and sometimes – it’s worth it. The question is, what does it stem from? No, the Valley Windows team is not taking a turn into psychoanalyzing our readers, but we are here to provide valuable advice, especially when it comes to the stress that can be caused by home renovations. There is scientific evidence behind the big, key life moments that can make you feel aflutter and home renovation is definitely a part of this list.

But you know what’s great? You stopped by the Valley Windows blog and we have some tips and tricks to help you alleviate these feelings. Read on for more information:

Make sure that you know your budget in advance

There’s nothing worse than worrying about money, especially because home renovations should improvements or enhancements to your home. They, ultimately, should be something that you can look forward to the result of, but that won’t be the case if you’re fretting about your chequebook. So, state your budget, to yourself, your family and any contractors that you work with. And stick to it!

Pick your battles

There will be adjustments and changes throughout the process of your renovation. Some will be of your own choosing and some will be unavoidable. You’ll only cause yourself undue stress if you nit-pick about everything. Instead, step back and think about the big picture. If it’s a change that you can live with, then live with it. That said if it’s not negotiable for you, feel empowered to voice your feelings. Your contractor or partner should be able to hear your feelings and share options to meet in the middle.

Be strategic about timing

Something else we’re globally terrible about? Using our vacation time. Yes, we know that you’d probably rather be on a beach or a wonderful adventure somewhere, but if that’s not in the cards, vacation time is optimal to complete projects like home renovations. If you had no plans anyway, you’ll be available to monitor the work (bonus points if you can speed it along) and see it through. When you’re on the scene, you’ll be less stressed because you’ll be involved in the process and know that all of your contractors and partners are on their A-game.

Don’t change your regular routine any more than you have to

You may think that this contradicts the above point, but it doesn’t. You should take vacation time to pull rank in the process, but you shouldn’t let a home renovation interrupt your life entirely. Wake up at the same time, follow the same morning, day and evening habits and eat at the same times. This sense of stability will keep you sane.

Questions? Let us know. The Valley Windows team is here to help!