The Beauty of Arched Windows

The Beauty of Arched WindowsThe windows of a home can contribute significantly to its look and style, and they are also crucial elements in letting natural light and fresh air through. For comfort, the windows to your home should be large enough, well-maintained, and durable enough to protect you from the outer elements.

Modern windows have advanced enormously in terms of technology, and manufacturers offer various solutions for energy efficiency, UV protection, insulation, privacy, and security. But did you know that the shape of a window might also contribute to your home’s value and function?

In this post, we break down everything you need to know about arched windows – an architectural style staple.

Arched or Other Custom Windows?

Arched (or radius) windows have a rectangular bottom shape and an arched or semi-circled top. The two sections can be fixed in place or work as separate pieces.

An arched window typically lets more light in as it expands upward with the arch form, but it also creates an impressive, elegant, and custom look for the home, both inside and out. Arched windows have been used in buildings for centuries and always added a flair of charm and sophistication to the style of the home they adorned.

A Radius of Sophisticated Style

Modern homes that feature arched windows have an increased curb value and can showcase gorgeous styles like classic, French eclectic, Gothic, Colonial, or Romanesque. As you might imagine, arched windows can be incredibly versatile and can help to truly bring out a home’s personality.

If you live in the area, you would know that arched windows are some of the most well-known and popular styles for custom windows in Melbourne. Many houses in the region feature a mix of arched and straight windows. Arched windows can serve as an eye-catching accent to the facade or emphasise a round shape in your home’s architecture, like a circular sunroom.

You can combine also arched windows with circular ones, elliptical or simple rectangular models. Keep it simple, though, as mixing too many styles can create undesired effects and imbalance.

Do Arched Windows Require Special Glass?

One of the advantages of arched windows is their versatility. They can combine different types of glass, grille patterns, and technologies. You can have a classic-looking arched window made of premium glass with ultra-high performance, and it will still be able to look like a period or heritage piece.

It’s ideal to have arched windows fixed instead of hinged to make them energy-efficient. Avoiding opening speciality windows helps, as their irregular shape makes them more prone to insulation issues, wear and tear, and other damage.

Adding Up the Cost

The costs of arched windows depend on many factors, including quality grade, size, treatments, and the number of panes. While standard grade windows cost around $150 apiece, premium or custom ones can go up to $1,000 apiece.

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