Being There for you During the Pandemic

Being There for you During the PandemicDays like these stump a lot of people. They stump experts in every industry, they stump our loved ones and they most likely stump us. What changes about our daily routines? What remains the same? It’s jarring – we know. It’s overwhelming because you feel like you need to have all of the answers right away. Well, stop it! Everyone needs to give themselves a little grace right now, it’s the common theme of advice across all sorts of industries and companies, but it should also be advice across your family and friends. Life is different, routines are different, and that’s totally fine.

The Valley Windows team figured that we’d join the initiative of supporting wherever and however we can. It doesn’t matter if you’re a current customer, a prospective customer or someone who stumbled upon the site, there’s a common denominator in those that are looking for a better view. You can take that metaphorically today because if you look forward with a better view right now, you’re far better set up for success.

So how is the Valley Windows team there for you during this pandemic? Read on for a number of ways:

  • We’re focusing on this site. Not to bury the lead, but Websites like ours and the blogs that we host can be a really valuable source of information right now. We recognize that during normal days and are shifting some of our content to help put you at ease – not just about your windows and doors, but about your home and beyond.
  • We’re just as available. While it’s true that operations at our showrooms may be impacted (call us to determine how), that won’t stop us from offering the exact same level of customer service to anyone that reaches out. This is one of the scenarios when technology is our greatest ally – allowing us to answer questions and comments right from the comfort of your home. Phone? We’re here! Email? Absolutely. You can assume that you’ll have the same top-notch quality of service no matter your method of engagement with the Valley Windows team.
  • We’re getting creative. In some areas, it’s especially important not to be in overly close proximity with each other and we want to be sensitive to that. While there may be companies who see this as a deterrent, we see it as an opportunity to adjust our business model, our schedule and our operations, so that the work that you planned on can still take place.
  • We’re listening to your feedback. This should be a no-brainer and in general, it is for the Valley Windows team. We hear the good, the bad and the ugly but that’s amplified right now. There’s a lack of control with many of us these days, but if you can provide input on your needs, you should be able to. If there are ways that you think our content can improve or be enhanced, be sure to let us know!