The Benefits of Adding Dormer Windows to Your Home

The Benefits of Adding Dormer Windows to Your HomeThe windows of a home can give it a lot of personality through their design, size, and placement. There are hundreds of designs available for you to choose from on the market, and no matter which you go with, it will contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

It takes some thought to choose the right window style for a home, but it’s an even more difficult challenge to add windows to a roof space or attic-turned playroom. Dormer windows are a unique style of window that you can consider in such cases, and we take a closer look at what they are in this post.

What is a Dormer Window?

A dormer is a window installed on the side of a sloped roof to bring light to the rooms located right underneath. The space under the roof can serve different purposes, from children’s bedrooms or playrooms to lofts, entertainment areas, and more.

The term comes from the French word dormer, which means bedroom. Many French homes had sleeping rooms in the attic for more privacy and quietness. These rooms needed ventilation and natural light, so the dormer windows were added to the roof structure.

Where Are Dormer Windows Usually Found?

Dormer windows don’t necessarily look great with every architectural style. For some homes with modern designs, dormer windows may look out of place. If you are considering this addition to your home, draw inspiration from other homes or consult an architect on what kind of roof window would work.

Dormer windows fit the architectural styles such as Colonial Revival and Neo-Colonial or Victorian best. Generally, homes with elements inspired by colonial styles can look great with dormers on the roof, especially timber windows.

Dormer Window Vs. Gable Window

We often see the terms dormer and gable window used interchangeably, even by professionals. However, it’s helpful to know the difference between them. A gable window sits beneath the highest point of the roof, on the flat wall of the house. A dormer window protrudes outwards from the slope of the roof. It has three walls plus roofing of its own. Compared to a gable window, a dormer window is a more complex structure.

Benefits of Dormer Windows

Adding dormer windows to your attic rooms has many benefits, including:

  • Dormers let in more natural light, which you can control by adjusting the size and width of the structure.
  • Dormer windows ensure that the upper level of your home is ventilated and receives enough fresh air for the people living in the upstairs rooms.
  • Dormers add more space in attic rooms that are commonly smaller than downstairs ones. A dormer window creates plenty of vertical space, so you won’t have to worry about hurting your head when you stand up from a chair or bed.

*Please note: Valley Windows only supplies the window componentry and not the structure for Dormer windows. We advise you to contact a registered or licensed building practitioner to discuss options around installing a Dormer window.

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