The Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors

aluminium sliding doorAluminium sliding doors are a fantastic addition that can transform any home. Although they are generally chosen for their style and aesthetic appeal, when you look beyond their fashionable exterior it’s surprising to see how many practical advantages they have over traditional doors. Here are some of their main benefits.

Increased Natural Light

Sliding doors have large panes of glass that fill the entire frame, maximising the natural light that enters the home. This means that in the depths of winter, your house will feel brighter and more welcoming, even with the doors shut.

More Space

Traditional doors have hinges that enable them to open inwards or outwards. This requires clearance space for the door swing open and shut. In comparison, aluminium sliding doors operate by gliding one pane of glass over the other on a track, so no surrounding space is needed to open and close them.

Much like mirrors, large sliding doors also create the illusion of more space, making the home feel bigger and airier. This makes them a great option to elevate smaller rooms to a new level.

Interior/Exterior Flow

Installing aluminium sliding doors can really open up your home, helping to seamlessly blend the outdoors and indoors. The large glass panes mean that even during the cold winter months, you can enjoy the panorama of your garden from the comfort of your home.

Families with young children also have the added benefit of being able to monitor their kids playing safely outdoors while getting on with their domestic chores inside.

Easy Access

Sliding doors allow for easier traffic flow so are ideal for hosting family barbecues and other get-togethers. People can choose to remain indoors or outdoors without feeling a divide in the group.

Given that their opening is typically wider than a standard door, aluminium sliding doors offer easier access when transporting large furniture and other bulky items in and out of the house.

Aluminium Sliding Doors Melbourne

Here at Valley Windows, we stock a wide range of elegant sliding doors to suit your needs. Our aluminium sliding doors come in 2, 3 and 4-panel designs, meaning you can create an entrance that fills anything from a small doorway to an entire wall.

We know how important security is to our customers, so all our sliding doors have ultra-secure lock assemblies with anti-lift pins. They also come with flyscreens as standard which are fitted to the exterior of the door and run along tracks on the outer door frame.

Our sliding tracks are specially coated to improve the fluid action of the door, and because they are separate from the sill section, they can be replaced independently if required.

For added flair, our aluminium sliding door frames are available in a wide range of colours.

Drop into our showrooms today to speak to one of our window and door experts. Call us on 03 9594800 to arrange a quote or discuss your home improvement project or alternatively, drop us a line here and we’ll get back to you.