The Benefits of Gable Windows

The Benefits of Gable WindowsWindows play a dual role in a home, letting natural light in and allowing for proper indoor air ventilation. Having enough natural light and ventilation can help you and the people living in your home stay healthy and enjoy spending time at home.

The main windows of a house usually correspond with the most important rooms, including the bedroom, living room and kitchen. In addition, you can use any extra space on the walls to add gable windows that will allow for more light to enter the home. In this post, we take a closer look at what a gable window is and how to add one to your home.

What Is a Gable Window?

A gable window uses the space underneath a peaked roof to enhance its slope and add another point of interest to the facade. Often, gable windows are triangular or trapeze-shaped, aligning with the roof edges. Nonetheless, you can choose any style for your gable window, from rectangular to round ones.

A Brief History of Gable Windows

Gables are typical for A-shaped roofs, which can have different sloping angles depending on the climate conditions and architectural style. Houses can be front or side-gabled, depending on the architectural type. Gothic and Victorian homes were traditionally front-gabled and had high A-shaped roofs, allowing the placement of tall gable windows and various ornaments.

Gable windows are also commonly seen in cathedrals and churches, often displaying intricate stained-glass ornaments. The term gable comes from the French and means front (facade).

Gable Vs. Dormer Window

Gable windows are usually installed on the surface between the sloped edges of a peaked roof. The wall is flat, and the installation doesn’t raise many challenges. In contrast, dormer windows go on the roof slope and protrude outwards. They each have a small roof and need an additional structure to be added by contractors. Dormer windows create extra space in the attic area, but you must plan them carefully to maintain stylistic cohesion with the rest of your home.

The Pros and Cons of Gable Windows

Here are the pros and cons to consider before installing a gable window:


  • Your home’s facade might look better with an eye-catching window towering over all others.
  • You can increase the amount of natural light that penetrates your home.


  • Custom windows that follow the shape of the roof cost more.
  • You may unintentionally create another entry point for water, pests, and draft. It’s thus best to add a double-glazed window on a gable roof.

Gable Game Changers

Installing gable windows can be a great way to make your home more comfortable. Since most gable windows crown the house facade, it’s important to choose high-quality windows that will fit the rest of the architecture.

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