The Benefits of Video Doorbells

The Benefits of Video DoorbellsNew homes often have various integrated functions that make our lives easier. Smart appliances and systems can help you automate numerous processes, like air conditioning, heating, lighting and even ambient music.

Personalising the settings on your electronic devices can make your home more inviting for you and your family. The video doorbell is a perfect example of new technology helping to improve the liveability of a home. It can enable you to monitor your home and check on who might be at your door. In this post, we take a look at what exactly a video doorbell is and the benefits of installing one.

What Are Video Doorbells?

A video doorbell is a surveillance camera fitted with a doorbell that shows you the person at your door in real-time. Most models allow you to speak to the visitor. There are other available features, and we will present the most interesting ones further in the article.

How Do They Work?

Video doorbells work like security cameras, and their features vary from model to model. Some store the video recording locally on an SD card, whereas others may back it up automatically to a cloud storage platform. Most video doorbells communicate with an app on your phone via the internet, so you can always have a live feed from your front door.

The Benefits of a Video Doorbell

Here are some of the benefits that a video doorbell can have:

  • They let you know who is at the door, allowing you to communicate with the visitor. It can be convenient when you are too far from the door or doing something upstairs or in your backyard.
  • Some video doorbells have smart locks that you can use to open the door for your visitors without walking to the entrance.
  • Video doorbells prevent package theft. With most of us buying online and waiting for the packages to arrive at our front door, package thieves can be a problem. A smart doorbell lets you see them and call them out via audio.
  • Smart doorbells will alert you when someone is at the door or pressing the doorbell, even when you aren’t at home, improving your home’s security.

Initial Costs and Fees

The cost of a video doorbell often involves two expenses: the equipment itself and a monthly fee. Some models enable you to store the video feed directly on the device, but many homeowners still prefer a video doorbell that they can access via the internet. The average cost for a typical video doorbell is around $150, depending on the model. You should also consider the installation and the monthly storage fee when deciding which model to buy.

Worthwhile Investment

Video doorbells are convenient and relatively affordable additions to any home. They can also add value to your home in the long term. If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a video doorbell, you might want to consider a new modern entrance to match your high-tech doorbell. Here at Valley Windows, we offer the best timber doors and aluminium doors in Melbourne. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your door and window needs.