The Best Views in the World

The Best Views in the WorldThere’s something so inspirational about our line of work, as we put together the best windows and doors and provide you the best views at Valley Windows. This can mean a bunch of different things for a bunch of different people, but we can imagine that when you travel, you want to be able to see the best of the best outside of your window. Well, we felt inspired today and we wanted to share some of the best views in the world so that you can think through what your next adventure will be – or even, feel a little proud about the view outside your window. Read on for more information.

Let’s start with Iceland – a more and more popular place to travel. Some areas are icy, others are just plain beautiful. And they have a serious history of geological extremes. You can see volcanoes (although, maybe don’t build your home too close to these), you can see hot springs and everything in between.

Now let’s head back west to San Francisco. A pricey city to be sure, but one with tons of culture and many of the best views. We specifically love the Golden Gate Bridge – a bridge that needs no introduction but certainly holds an extensive history. Just think how many people had to climb and traverse that bridge to make it one of the most iconic in the world. While famously, San Francisco is a cloudy and foggy city, can you imagine what the view would be like on a clear day?

If you have the money and the time, we highly suggest Dubai – specifically Burj Khalifa. It’s basically the world’s tallest skyscraper. And when you have the world’s tallest skyscraper, you’re going to see the best views around – in this case, both urban and beyond. You’ll see the desert and you’ll certainly be able to see everyone down below and come back with many good stories.

Now if you’re heading even further west (and more into our neck of the woods), well, there are plenty of places to check out in New Zealand. Look for the well-known South Island fjords, and you’ll find plenty of the best scenery that this world can offer. Mountains, waterfalls, and every type of wildlife you’d want to look for. You’ll even see those taking advantage of adventure sports like hiking and kayaking. The only caveat – bring your rain jacket – lots of rain around these parts.

We’re betting that we just did you a couple of favours – convinced you to travel to unique and exotic places, and to design homes that have views with which you’re inspired by on a regular basis – be it morning, noon, or night. The great thing about this is that the Valley Windows team can help you determine the views that you want to have out of your current or future home, and we’ll help make them a reality. Reach out with any questions.