The Best Ways to Incorporate Colour into Your Home

The Best Ways to Incorporate Color Into Your HomeThe Valley Windows team looks at a home as a recipe – hopefully one that equals success. A recipe is made of an abundance of ingredients and our favourite when it comes to your house, is the windows and the doors. Designing them, engineering them, installing them – it’s both an art form and a science, which we’ve finessed in the decades that we’ve been the experts in the industry that we are. Even though windows and doors are our business, we’re only able to anticipate what will work and look great, when we look at the house as a whole. That’s why we take the time, both personally and then on this site, to research other topics. In times when there are so many depressing issues, we wanted to add some colour into your day. And that’s why today’s post focuses on the best ways to incorporate colour into your home.

Your door is the first opportunity you have. We’ve written about it on the site before. A brightly painted door is very trendy right now. It’s also a great way to ensure that visitors do not get lost on their way to visit. Updating your door’s colour is not very labour intensive. You can look at it as a weekend project, just ensure that whatever paint or stain you choose is weather resistant. Some balk at the idea of changing the colour of their door but remember that you can update this at any time if you change your mind.

Plants and their holders are another great addition that have multiple benefits. Not only can they brighten up any room that you feel is dull, but plants provide a multitude of positive effects on both your emotional and even your physical health. Worried that you won’t be able to take care of plants? No worries. Explore succulents or even artificial plants if there’s a specific look that you’re going for. You’ll still be able to enjoy them every day, but you won’t have to worry about time-intensive care. The planters, vases and holders in which your plants live can be any variety of materials, colours and styles – they’re a great way to show your personality.

We like to think that the Valley Windows’ window products speak for themselves, but there’s no harm in framing them with premium curtains or window dressings. Pick one colour throughout the house or even different colours by room. Remember that this is your space, which means that you get to dictate its design with your rules. Curtains again are something that’s easy to purchase and hang by yourself. They’re also something you can mix up – even by season if you’re so inclined.

Still looking for more ideas or have questions for the Valley Windows team? Be sure to reach out to us by phone or email. We can talk you through what would work best for your property and help put any of your worries at ease.