The Best Ways to Keep Your Windows Shining

The Best Ways to Keep Your Windows ShiningIf you’re visiting the Valley Windows site, (welcome!) there is a good chance that you’ve either made the leap to give your property a better view, or that you’re planning on doing it in the near future. We applaud you for this milestone as it will ensure that you’re adding exponential value to your home or business, and in a myriad of ways. We’re talking about comfort on the interior, we’re talking about beauty on the exterior, and we’re talking about value on both.

As with any investment, you want to take the utmost care of it. You’ve come to the right place. The team at Valley Windows greatly values information-sharing, and we do it constantly right here on our blog. While you will definitely see deep dives into our products and learn about our services, we also hope to educate and inspire on a broader level. We share information industry-wide, taking cues from the other amazing companies in the area, all with the intention that our customers will succeed. We also share the tips and tricks that will keep our products lasting as long as possible and looking their bests. That’s why, today, we’ve decided to discuss one of the age-old chores that many of us neglect… cleaning your windows.

We know, we know; it’s not the most fun job in the world. But it can be the most rewarding, especially when done correctly. And if you’ve purchased from the Valley Windows team, you’re already set up for the success of a better view. Our products speak for themselves, with minimal maintenance. Regardless of whether your home boasts one of ours, or another brand’s, here are some brief tips to keep them shining.

1. You can go natural, but you need to do your research. We’re learning more and more in this day and age about the sensitivity of ingredients in different products. Whether it’s how they’re produced or how they’re distributed, many are turning to natural remedies. You definitely can use home remedies, like the one with vinegar. Make sure to do your reading in advance so you know exactly what you’re working with.

2. Do it regularly. Don’t worry, we’re not recommending that you set aside time every Sunday to clean your windows. Instead, add it to the “once-a-year” checklist, and make sure that you’re keeping it in the back of your mind. If you don’t, the effects won’t be immediate, but dust will gather and over time, the premium shine of the window that you’ve come to expect will be gone.

3. You don’t have to do it yourself. As you may have read in our last blog post, it is possible to depend on the services of professionals. According to cleaning professionals Fantastic, a dedicated maid or cleaner has the training and experience to do a far better and faster job than the average person. Enter your budget into one of the many online tools available to you and you’ll be able to find resources in your area.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. The Valley Windows team would love to hear from you and help bring your property a better view.