Brightening up Your Day: Best Ways to Upgrade Your Windows

Best Ways to Upgrade Your WindowsIt goes without saying that windows are our passion and joy. That’s why our shared mission at Valley Windows is to “give you a better view”. Yes, that definitely means that we provide you with the best products around when it comes to windows, doors and more, but it also gives us pause on a regular basis to stop and think about new and unique ways to do so. Some are obvious – lets always remain on the forefront of the latest and greatest in materials, processes, looks and feels. Some are less obvious, like this blog for example. Selfishly, it’s a great resource for us as well, a way for us to see what our other teammates are thinking about and get the ideas churning.

Some posts are one-offs, and some are series. The series hold themes that have distinct longevity for our readers and customers but are also rooted in the fact that there are so many updates to them so regularly. One such theme? The topic of today’s post: best ways to upgrade your windows. We hope and know that this is both a theme that will be around for a long time, and just on the basis of the name, know that it’s also one that will be constantly evolving. As we head into the next season (and hopefully much warmer and drier weather), we could think of no better time than to think through the next best ways to brighten up your day and upgrade your windows. Read on for more information:

The first one is easy, and we swear that it won’t take up that much time. It’s time for you to do a bit of cleaning. We recently shared the window cleaning products that we recommend everyone own. In short, purchasing five or six items and blocking off an hour of your time on a regular basis can make all the difference in the world. Bonus? You’ll have also completed your workout AND you’ll get to enjoy much more natural light as your reward.

Secondly, make sure that everything is working. Checking on items like your sash locks, your lifts and even the frames will immediately identify if there is any quick refurbishment that needs to be done. Now is a great time to do it, you don’t want to be caught in a challenging position when cold weather returns and your window won’t properly lock or close. Some of these repairs you can do yourself, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Valley Windows team for any advice or support.

Finally, think about dressing them up a little bit. Curtains, shades, even potted plants on your windowsills can make you look at your windows completely differently. These two can be low time and investment chores and can completely transform a space.

Three easy ways to brighten your day.