Buying Windows for Larger Buildings

Buying Windows for Larger BuildingsWorking on a commercial building – may it be full of retail, offices or even condominiums is a completely different beast. It requires just as much care and it’s just as important to work with an expert who knows what sort of style, size and placement your property needs – not only to ensure that the occupants have the best possible experience, but also, so that you’re setting up the value of your building for success, long after you’re the owner. The Valley Windows team’s work doesn’t start and stop with your home. While we’re committed to providing you and yours a better view through premium windows and doors, we’re also committed to growing and adapting and sharing our expertise wherever we possibly can.

In this day and age, commercial real estate developers have to be creative. And that’s why they come to us. We’ve been at this work for decades and learn something new each and every day. The 9-5 is no longer the 9-5, especially in quarantine. That means that work environments change and it also means that the art of constructing a premium building for real estate developers is different. But a few things remain the same and one of them is one of the most integral components of design – your windows! There is foundational advice that will never change and that’s what we’re here to offer today. Read on for more information.

  • First, you need to work with your local councils and other partners to ensure that the design that you’re presenting to your clients is completely in-line with any rules and regulations that they may have. As storied an expert as you may be, check frequently if these have changed, especially as the areas in which we operate grow and change.
  • Once your plans are signed off on, still ensure that the design that you’d like to present are easily sourced and everything makes sense. What do we mean by, “makes sense”? This is where you need to walk the space – probably repeatedly. You’ll want to see where the sunlight shines in throughout the day. If it’s glaring during peak business hours, we recommend that you take that into consideration for your windows, or at least get creative with window materials and treatments.
  • Size is another big question. Don’t always assume that the bigger styles are the best. Instead, be considerate about the styles of other buildings in the area. Do you want to complement? Do you want to match and blend in? If you’re shaking your head and knowing that you’d like to stand out, make sure that you have these conversations as good neighbours, so you cultivate neighbourhood relationships.
  • Lastly, sustainability has never been such a big conversation with businesses – it’s a recruiting tool for talent, it’s a savings over time and more important than anything, it’s the right thing to do to limit your corporate carbon footprint. Thankfully, even beyond teams like Valley Windows, the internet has tonnes of resources to explore.

Questions? You know where to find us. Stay safe!