How We’re Caring for Our Customers… and Employees

How We're Caring for Our Customers and EmployeesWelcome back to the Valley Windows blog! We’re a company that prides itself on so many different things. We’re passionate about the materials that we choose, our integrity in the way that we interact with our vendors, our continued efforts to streamline any sort of processes, but far and away – the most important thing to us, is the people that we work with.

While workdays don’t look quite the same these days, there are fundamentals that have only continued to improve. We’ve had to get pretty creative about the ways that we’re interacting with each other and we have to remind ourselves on a daily basis that any successful business is only so, if everyone associated believes in it. We’ve believed in providing you a better view since day one and that will never change. If anything, we keep elevating what “better” means.

Treating our customers with respect and transparency is a baseline; turning them into lifelong friends is much more the Valley Windows style. Questions? We’ve got answers. Does communication end as soon as the windows or doors are installed? Absolutely not. You’re officially a part of the Valley Windows family the minute that you call us up, and we’re happy to help with whatever you need.

Like we said, that’s a baseline. But, it’s rarer and rarer these days to find companies who truly treat their employees with love and respect. These are big words to throw around, but they’re absolutely paramount if you join the Valley Windows team. Here are some of the cornerstones that we reference each and every day.

  • We communicate. Well, obviously, you may think. But we communicate in ways specific to our different teammates. Thanks to technology, we have all sorts of forums and platforms to check in with each other, but one teammate may love phone calls and one may only be able to check email once a day. We have no issues creating a varied strategy so that everyone feels heard and connected.
  • We value each other. You’re trusting us with your home or business and that’s a big deal for us. We go into every job not just with excitement, but also with a bit of trepidation. It’s a big honour, and when a job is well done (so, all of the time), it’s vital that we congratulate the team onsite and behind-the-scenes as an incentive to keep continuing their top-notch work.
  • We connect with each other. This is different than communicating because there’s a very humanizing component of any business strategy. It’s checking in, in the morning about what’s going on at home and how each of us is doing. While we appreciate work-life balance, we also appreciate the overlap of work-life integration and make the time to converse about other things that are going on in the Valley Windows’ teams’ lives.

We’ll continue this conversation. It’s vital. And it’s important to remind you how the Valley Windows team takes care of our customers as well. Stay tuned and reach out with any questions in the interim.