How Are You Celebrating This Year?

2020 CelebrationsNothing quite like a good celebration with family friends, are we right? The team at Valley Windows will take any opportunity to do so, whether it’s that the weather is warm enough to enjoy shorts and a lighter t-shirt, or if it’s something much more on the scale of a promotion, a new home or an exciting new relationship. All of the above merit smiles and laughter, and we love to help provide these wherever possible. We obviously spend a lot of time working on your home and we do so with pride. When we spend so much time ensuring that you not only have a better view, but you’re living in the best home possible, you start to know a few things about cleaning, preparing and the like. So, no matter how you’re celebrating this year and for what reason, we have a few different 2020 tips for you. Read on for more information:

  • Get creative with technology. While we’re on the up and up with options to see each other in person on a regular basis, we’re also grateful that we’ve learned about all sorts of tools and platforms that allow you to see even the family members that live the furthest away. There are apps where you can play games with each other, apps where you can watch movies or television shows with each other, and apps where you can just genuinely connect.
  • Keep that home spick and span. Look at it as your pride and joy, and if your friends and family are fortunate enough to earn an invite, they should be in awe at how meticulously cleaned and decorated it is. Don’t consider your chores as a one and done during the holiday season (really, don’t consider them a one and done ever), instead, plan to clean and update your home to its best state both before and after any get-togethers.
  • Have fun with decorations. Isn’t that half the fun of any celebration? You’re designing an immersive experience that celebrates the holiday, those around you and your home. It’s a three for three deal. You don’t have to break the bank either – in fact, you can half fun bonding with your household and make the decorations wherever you can.
  • Challenge yourself to that new recipe. We know you know what we’re talking about. There’s been that one recipe hanging out there on the World Wide Web that you just know you want to enjoy… but you’re not sure if you can tackle. Well, the Valley Windows team is here to tell you that you can absolutely tackle it. Just think of the sense of pride that you’ll have when it’s on the plate. You’ll know how much blood, sweat and tears went into it and that’s a wonderful memory all by itself.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give some love to your windows and doors. Prime spots for decorating right there, a blank canvas ready for sparkle and colour, or pretty much whatever you want! Need ideas? We think it’s Pinterest time, but you can always reach out to the Valley Windows team.