Choosing the Best Drapes for Your Dream Windows in 2019

Choosing the Best Drapes for Your Dream Windows in 2019They allow maximum light in during the day, and shade you when the temperatures get too high. We’re not talking about shades, but rather the curtains that you use to outfit them. If your windows are already in place, this the best space in which to flex your creative muscles. Note – if they’re not, this is the ideal time to reach out to the Valley Windows team. We’re all about giving you your dream view and it’s never a problem when you look at the products and services that we offer as a company. That being said, it doesn’t stop at our products and services. We’re the best in the industry, because we know that customer service is paramount. You’ll see that more and more on the Valley Windows blog, as we discuss how our windows and doors are a vital piece of the puzzle of your dream home. Today, let’s decorate this piece of the puzzle.

What colour to choose? This is entirely up to you and always should be. Don’t let the mother-in-law instigate or pay an arm and a leg for a third party’s advice. What colour makes you happy. The brain has a legitimate reaction to the things that it sees when it processes daily routines, and we bet it’s a safe assumption that you’re interacting with your windows every day. The last thing you want, is to start to resent a colour that you see on a regular basis. If you love yellow, go with yellow! If you have a thing for patterns, go forth! The team at Valley Windows supports.

Next up – and we’ve touched on this before – is the process of measuring. There are a ton of different calculations and algorithms that you can use, but bottom line – ensure that the length of your curtain falls at least an inch above the floor level. Otherwise, you’re just adding an extra step in your cleaning process, having to dust and wash your curtains far more than necessary.

Finally, think about the hardware associated. You’ll want to factor in these costs when you’re planning for any home renovation. Put a padding in your budget, so that there are no surprises. If anything, you’ll be pleasantly pleased when you come in under cost.

Now we move on to installation. The great thing about this day and age, is that you can choose an expert from a myriad of options to help with anything you possibly need. The other great thing about this day and age, is that the same resources have the information if you want to do it all by yourself! If you have the budget and don’t feel comfortable, we recommend that you work with an expert like those at Valley Windows – at the very least to answer any questions that you may have. If you feel like you’ve got it under control, follow our simple steps and you’ll be set up for success!