Choosing the Right Cleaning Supplies for Your Windows

Choosing the Right Cleaning Supplies for Your WindowsWindow cleaning is an integral part of every home cleaning and maintenance routine. However, windows are one of the most delicate components of any house and can be easily damaged if the proper care isn’t taken when cleaning them. Because of this, choosing the right cleaning supplies for your windows is crucial if you want them to look as good as new and to maximise their lifespans. In this post, we take a closer look at some essential window cleaning supplies that should be part of every homeowner’s toolkit.

Assessing Your Window Cleaning Needs

In order to achieve maximum efficiency when it comes to cleaning your windows, it is helpful to start by first assessing your window cleaning needs. Start by identifying the type of window glass you have. If you have tinted, stained or other non-standard glass types, then you might need specialised window cleaning tools. At the same time, consider the location of your windows to see if you need any tools to help you reach windows that might be higher up or out of the way.

Certain types of stains may also require specialised cleaning solutions. For example, limescale that builds up as a result of hard water isn’t going to come off with a generic window detergent alone. Thus, ensure that you assess your windows to determine the level of dirt and grime that they have built up before purchasing an appropriate cleaning solution.

Choosing the Right Glass Cleaner

Ensuring that you use the right glass cleaner for your windows can help you achieve a result that you will be satisfied with. Not all glass cleaners are the same, and some are more suited to different types of windows. Some factors that you should consider when choosing a glass cleaner include:

  • Any allergies you may have to ingredients in certain glass cleaners
  • The environmental impact of different glass cleaners
  • Whether the glass cleaner leaves streaks behind
  • Scents that you may prefer

Window Cleaning Tools and Equipment

There are countless different options when it comes to window cleaning tools and equipment, but some of the essentials include:

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are quick drying and are uniquely suited for cleaning windows due to their ability to wick off any remaining droplets from the glass surface. This helps you ensure that you achieve a streak-free shine on your windows.


Squeegees are useful rubber-bladed scrapers that can help you wipe down the cleaning solution and any dirt and grime from your windows.


For removing certain stubborn stains, abrasives such as scrubbers and glass-rated steel wool might be necessary.

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