Cleaning While Social Distancing

Cleaning While Social DistancingHello, Valley Windows blog visitors and trusty readers alike! We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe, healthy and comfortable, no matter where you live. We know that times like this can be unprecedented and confusing, but as shared previously here on our site – we are here to support and be there for you however we can. Communities succeed when the businesses that are a part of their foundation come together in unity and solidarity – with one goal: to all be on the same page.

For many around the world, that page right now means social distancing. If you’re not in an area impacted, it’s the guidance to remain at least six feet away from another person whenever possible, to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly (think about counting to twenty as a guideline), to disinfect all surfaces around your home and to take extra precautions when coughing, sneezing and practising general hygiene.

Those are the basics. But, if you’re anything like us (and we know you are – because we’ve popularly covered this topic several times on the blog), you most likely like things clean. We have to support you in this. How else will you find your better view than by keeping our windows and doors products spotless? But there are other areas of the home that can use help, and with social distancing becoming the norm, you need to switch up your chores to-do list in several different ways:

1. Take shifts. While we’re normally huge proponents of treating cleaning as a family or household activity (it creates camaraderie and accountability for many), this is not the time. Put together a plan in advance so that everyone’s not in the same room at the same time.

2. Another alternative is to designate a different room to each member of the household. He or she is responsible for everything in that room and once it’s complete, their chores for the week are done.

3. If you can, have necessary products delivered, or take advantage of curbside pick-ups. Many stores in different areas offer these for free or with reduced delivery charges, not only to limit the number of people in a small space at one time but to make life easier for you as well. Thanks to the age of technology, we’re sure that you can find a lengthy list of locations nearby so that you can pick the one that makes the most sense for you.

4. Amp up the empathy during this time (say that ten times fast). If a chore doesn’t get done, it can be easy to become stressed or angry with whoever was responsible. With many people in small spaces for longer durations of time, that doesn’t help anyone and can in fact- create a snowball effect. Instead, have calm conversations and put things in perspective. Conversely, make sure that the priority chores like those mentioned in our introduction are being completed, so that everyone’s health is top of mind.