Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to AvoidWindow cleaning is a routine but important task that you will need to do from time to time as a homeowner. After spending significant amounts of money on your windows, the last thing that you would probably want to happen is for them to become scratched or otherwise damaged during the cleaning process. In this post, we take a look at some common window cleaning mistakes that many beginners tend to make when cleaning their windows for the first time so you can avoid them.

1. Using the Wrong Cleaning Tools

A common mistake that many homeowners make is cleaning their windows with tools that simply aren’t designed for the task. For instance, some homeowners might use newspapers and cloths to clean their windows, but this can often result in ink stains or scratches on the window’s surface, especially if the cloth used is abrasive. To avoid this, ensure that you are using the right cleaning tools for your windows, including microfibre cloths, squeegees and soft sponges.

2. Cleaning in Bad Weather

It might seem obvious that you probably shouldn’t attempt to clean your windows when the skies are cloudy and it looks like it is about to pour. However, bad weather for window cleaning doesn’t necessarily just include rain but can also include very sunny days. This is because, on sunny days, the heat from direct sunlight can cause cleaning solutions to dry up too quickly before you’ve had the chance to clean them off properly. This can result in unsightly streaks forming on your windows.

3. Using Inappropriate Cleaning Solutions

While using homemade or DIY window cleaning solutions such as vinegar can be an effective way to save costs, it can sometimes lead to unfortunate side effects such as damage to the windowpanes, frames and windowsills. Because of this, it is often better to use window cleaning solutions that are specially designed for the task. In addition, you can also opt to test the solution on one small area of the window to see if it is suitable before using it on the rest of the window.

4. Neglecting Window Frames and Sills

Window cleaning does not just involve cleaning the windowpane but also involves the cleaning of window frames and sills. If you neglect to properly clean your window frames and sills, dirt and grime can build up on them over time, giving your windows a worn-down appearance no matter how clean your windowpanes are. Moreover, if there is sufficient grime and dirt, the operation of your windows might even be affected.

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