Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating Outdoor Living SpacesDo you know the term, “mind over matter”? At Valley Windows and within our team, we like to think that applies to the weather as well. Meaning that we assume it’s going to be freezing cold some of the time, depending on where you live and searing hot other times, depending on where you live. There are two tricks here – give yourself something to look forward to and be prepared to enjoy it when you can. In this case, we’re talking about outside living spaces and the best ways to not only properly design them, but also enjoy them. Let’s start with the design:

Analyze your space

Тhis means the actual square footage, as well as your budget and your timeline. Knowing all three things is key because it will properly level set your expectations. You don’t want to have a grandiose idea in your head and then not see it come to fruition because one of the three above hasn’t been thought through. We recommend what we call “tee-shirt sizing” – a small option, a medium option, and a large option. If you’re comfortable with any of the three when you run into any challenges or questions and are able to scale up or scale back, you’re in a really good spot.

Envision your perfect event in the space

Тhis doesn’t have to mean the greatest party that you’re going to throw (although if you stick with us and our valued partners, this goal isn’t out of the realm of possibility); walk through your outdoor space and objectively think about what’s feasible and will make your household happy. Maybe it’s a pool for summer hobbies, or maybe it’s a covered verandah where you can read a book at the end of a long day. The thing that our customers forget too often is that these homes that we provide a better view for and contribute to with knowledge and resources, is that this is your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling tomorrow or in sixty years, it’s your home.

Make sure this is a project you want to pursue and then follow through

Тhe outside of your home can quickly fall by the wayside; in part, because other projects pop up and in part because you think it’s going to be more work than it is. We respect the first – a leaky faucet or a burst pipe or broken window may, and probably should, come first; that said, we like to always have our customers have a project that they look forward to on the docket. If nothing else, it means they’ll love their home. Plus, if you’re working with our windows and doors on this front, you’ll be even more incentivized to look outside at the haven that you’ve created.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a sports court, a small garden, a large pool, or the verandah mentioned above – if it makes you happy, it makes us happy. Reach out to the Valley Windows team with all questions.