Customising Your Home with Speciality Windows

Customising Your Home with Speciality WindowsWith home fixtures and furniture often being mass-produced in this day and age, it can sometimes feel as though you have no way to add a touch of your personality to your home. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Speciality windows unlock a whole new realm of customizability and give you a way to change the appearance of your home to make it as unique as you want. In this post, we take a closer look at what speciality windows are exactly and how you can incorporate them into your home’s architecture and design.

What Are Speciality Windows?

Broadly speaking, speciality windows can generally refer to any type of window that does not fall into the traditional category of square or rectangular-shaped windows that are most commonly found in homes. Generally, speciality windows primarily add to the aesthetic appeal of a home with their unique shape and design. Some of the more common styles of speciality windows include:

  • Arched windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Circular windows
  • Skylight windows
  • Picture windows

Choosing the Right Type of Window

Before you can go about installing a speciality window and elevating your home to the next level, it is crucial for you to start by choosing the right type of speciality window for your home. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing your window, including:

Window Placement

A key factor to consider when choosing between speciality windows is where you intend to install the window. For instance, if you are installing your speciality window on a wall facing a main road, you might want to consider privacy concerns. You might thus want to opt for a type of window that doesn’t allow outsiders to peer into your home.

Architectural Style

For the best aesthetic effect, it is also crucial for you to choose a window that melds well with the architectural style of the rest of your home. Avoid clashing or contrasting aesthetics, as this can interfere with the harmony and unity of your home’s overall visual look.

Customisation Options

Beyond choosing the type of speciality window you want to install in your home, you can also further customise your windows. Some of the elements that you can customise include:

  • Materials: You can choose from a variety of materials for your window frames, including popular options such as vinyl, timber, and aluminium.
  • Glass Options: You can also choose from different types of glass, including double-glazed glass, frosted glass, tinted glass and more.
  • Smart Features: For additional functionality, you can add smart features to your window, such as auto-tinting and motorised blinds.

Let Us Help You Design Your Windows

If you’re looking to install speciality windows in your home, let us help you design them. Here at Valley Windows, we have decades of experience designing and manufacturing custom windows for our clients and know what it takes to make a window look extraordinary. Contact us today for a free consultation!