Deciding How to Buy Curtains

Deciding How to Buy CurtainsThere are so many small details that go into making a home perfect. Many consider it a lifelong commitment and one that in some cases is simply never complete. There are trends that come and go, preferences change, and sometimes you decide to or need to move altogether. There are also the decisions that we put off, either because they’re complicated or they’re expensive or we just don’t have the time for them. Do you know who does have time for them? Or at least, to help with them? Companies like Valley Windows. We love offering our current and prospective customers a better view. We do it by researching, testing and installing the best products in the business, and the only way that we’re able to determine what these are is to do our research. So, you’ll find that the Valley Windows blog covers the other tricky questions that you need the answers to in order to complete that dream home.

Curtains hold a special place in our hearts because they both protect and decorate our products. But they can either seem like a passing decision that you don’t put effort into, or something you overthink. Here are some considerations as you (quickly and affordably) determine curtain choices and check this off of your to-do list:

Think about the amount of sunlight you want to come in any given room. It may seem obvious to shut out all sunlight, but that can have cons as well, and there are many more options on the market these days. You can pick sheer curtains or even blinds, which help you adjust and manipulate, depending on the time of day and which way the sun is directed at that time.

Know that you don’t have to have the same colour, material or type of window coverings from room to room, even window to window. Part of the fun that is home design is being creative and showing your personality. Beyond that, there are different functional needs for different parts of your home – especially thinking through what activities take place in that room. Don’t assume that it will look inconsistent, instead spend time thinking about what looks complement each other.

Strategically brainstorm the durability and heaviness of the window coverings that you decide on. Really heavy curtains will definitely keep the sunlight and other elements out, and they will keep exponentially more heat inside. That can be wonderful during the coldest months of the year, but during the summer, it becomes a trade-off between the sun shining on (and potentially fading) your furniture and belongings and keeping your room at a much higher temperature than you’d prefer. As mentioned above, remember that you don’t have to be uniform throughout your entire property. In fact, you can have fun picking heavier drapes as statement pieces for particular windows where you know they’ll provide you with the best benefit.

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