Design Your Dream Kitchen in 4 Easy Steps

Design Your Dream Kitchen in 4 Easy StepsAny home renovation project can be intimidating, especially if you’re planning an overhaul of the most important room in the home: your kitchen. To help you get started, we’ve broken the process down into 4 simple steps to help you strategize. You’ll be serving fresh-baked cookies on your brand new dream kitchen island in no time!

1. Figure out where your light is coming from

Consider the space. Do you have lots of natural light, or will you need new light fixtures? Which direction are your windows facing? Do you plan to open up the space to allow for more natural light?

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of home design, especially in an area where you’ll be working with food. Bright light makes it easier to clean, creates a more inviting space, and even helps make your meals look more appealing.

Feel like you could use a second opinion? Visit a window showroom like Valley Windows, where staff members are well versed in constructing windows, as well as the advantages of using different shapes and materials. Deciding on your windows early on will help you structure your budget, so you aren’t hit with any surprises later.

2. Plan the layout of your dream kitchen

Once you know where your primary light sources and walls will be, you can move on to planning the layout of your kitchen. Consider how much space you’ll need to prep meals, and whether you’ll frequently be eating around a kitchen island or in a separate dining room. You’ll want to ensure there’s enough space for you and your family to comfortably move around when you’re fighting over the last scoop of guacamole.

3. Plan the cabinets and surface areas

When it comes to deciding on your kitchen countertops and islands, we recommend partnering with a stone fabricator you can trust in the early stages. Fabricators that are accredited by the Natural Stone Institute, like Stone Interiors, are well versed in the pros and cons of each surface material, and will also advise you on sink and faucet layouts, overhangs, brackets, backsplash, and other features that frequently get overlooked until later stages of construction.

Many fabrication shops offer complimentary consultations and estimates before you make any kind of monetary commitment. This allows you to make a realistic budget, and also gives you peace of mind that you’re creating a space that will be both beautiful and functional.

4. Appliances and finishing touches

After you’ve decided on the major aspects of your dream kitchen, you can move on to shopping for appliances. As long as you take your time to plan and compare products, you’ll be able to find reliable appliances that meet your needs, and match the overall aesthetic of your home.

Once you divide the portions of your kitchen remodel into distinct stages, the project won’t seem nearly as intimidating, and you’ll be able to actually enjoy the process. We hope these tips have inspired you to get started on your next home renovation! Questions? Comments? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.